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2 day trip: three kingdoms


After a hearty breakfast we set off to the Puertos de Beceite, where we wind our way through the old via pecuárias (the ancient trails traditionally used by farmers to take animals and produce to market).

With luck we might get to see some wildlife, like ibex, wild deer and very often vultures.

We continue to climb to the plateau of Tosal del Rey, 1350 meters, located where the borders of the ancient Kingdoms, Valencia, Catalonia and Aragon meet. Here we stop for photographs and refreshments. We continue to a tiny mountain village Boixar, where we try some local cuisine.

After lunch we make our  way to our resting point, passing spectacular views where, on a clear day, the Mediterranean sea is visible in the distance.

Once we arrive at our final destination, the horses are fed and watered and left to graze overnight whilst the riders can explore their surroundings or simply enjoy a well deserved drink in a bar before having another delicious meal. 

Day two... after a good nights rest and a traditional mountain breakfast, we set off. We make our way through farmland and forests to San Miguel de Espinalba, an abandoned hamlet. Here we have 360° views of the mountains. This is the perfect opportunity for photographs and to enjoy some refreshments. We then continue to the beautiful lake El Pantano de Pena, where you can cool down and take a swim. From here we head to our finishing point, the historical village of Beceite. This is where riders can explore and enjoy a celebratory drink.

Adventures in the mountains_#establodecr

Time in the saddle

   5-6 hours per day

Group size

   minimum 2* riders maximum 6


Riding ability

  experienced with a good

  level of rider fitness

*individual rider on request

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